Adorable Pets Screensaver

Adorable Pets Screensaver

Adorable Pets Screensaver shows kitten and puppies with music and moving things
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Adorable Pets Screensaver is an animated screensaver that shows kitten and puppies with music and moving things.
After installing it, you can use it as any regular screensaver, setting how much time do you want your system to stay idle before launching this screensaver. The default setting is fifteen minutes, but you can modify this to any value. The "Setting" button will let you choose to play or not sound and music with your screensaver.

You can preview this screensaver, or wait till it becomes activated. When running, it will display images of little animals (cats, dogs, ducks, bunnies, chicken), surrounded by nature backgrounds, with moving leaves, grass, bugs, butterflies. The animals will move their ears, tongues, eyes, bodies and tails, too. These movements seem to be added to static photos. If you selected to play sounds along with the screensaver, you will hear the birds singing, and dogs breathing. If the music is activated, you will hear a relaxing song.

The provided download link will get the IQ installer. When you run it, IQ will download the program from, and it will install it.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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